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Collectors daughter in a Government school

While ordinary people including the construction labour want their children to study in private schools in the name of English medium, a district collector in Telangana has admitted her child in a local Government school. That is the confidence she has got in the Government school and also her child. The collector is Masrat Khanam Ayesha from Vikarabad. A very simple lady who was a journalist before becoming the district collector. As an Urdu journalist, she worked with Munsif daily in Hyderabad. She was popular as Ayesha in Journalist circles. Later step by step she reached the posted of a district collector.

Now the netizens are praising Khanam the collector, that people will start looking at the Government schools. She would be setting the trend in Vikarabad. It is a minority Gurukul school set up under the guidance of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Sabish Rania, the daughter of the collector was in Khammam and also in a private school. But later her mother changed her mind and shifted the girl to a local minority school being run by the Government in Vikarabad.

This is a welcome change and if the collector is sending her child to a Government school, all other officials will also think about it especially the minorities. Chief Minister KCR has also been advocating and urging upon the officials to see that the Government schools should be made to function on par with the private schools. He also wanted the introduction of English in all the Government schools across the state.



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