CMs say no corruption- but it continues


Right from Indira Gandhi to Modi to all talk about removing corruption from the system. But the system will not run without corruption. People are taking Rs 1000 for clearing the sewer lines with hi-tech machines these days. Otherwise, they will not bother to come to you. All the online slots for all the purposes have middlemen and you get a slot after bribing.

The latest is that the revision of property tax place only with bribing. For everything, there is a price. Now Jaganmohan Reddy has caught an MLA in AP redhanded after he took Rs 10 lakh as bribe. The MLA was summoned by the Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy and the money was returned to the official.

Now it is education year and most of the school need some permissions. There are officials who demanding and asking the school owners to touch their feet. That bad is the situation in some areas.

It could be online or offline, you have to give something otherwise things will not happen.

A few firms that have come to AP earlier have returned back as they could not bribe the officials in AP. Now the situation is better in AP and Telangana.

If the Ministers are right and tight, the people around them make money. It looks like Jagan is taking the matter seriously and he wants to give a corruption-free government.