Chiru advises son Charan about ladies


It is reported that Chiranjeevi the father of Ramcharan has given some tips in dealing with the ladies especially the leading ladies in the movies. Chiranjeevi has worked with a dozen leading ladies and had no issues with ladies or at home with his wife.

Charan said that his father looked after the wife very well and that there was no issue at home front in terms of ladies. All this discussion came up when there was news about Upasana becoming pregnant and that Chiranjeevi megastar was becoming a grandfather in the near future.

But Ramcharan ruled out the news saying there was nothing of that sort. He also clarified that there was no pressure from the parent’s side regarding the children.


He said that his wife Upasana gelled well in the family and they are together with healthy bonding.

Ramcharan said that his mother had no complaints with Chiranjeevi and even has no complaints about the leading ladies and the movies. The trust and bonding between them was so good that they never discuss movies or ladies at home Charan explained.

Charan said that he would inform about the kids when the time comes. Right now it is negative.