Chiranjeevi looks at BJP- Kaapu factor


BJP is looking at various factors to strengthen the party here in the Telugu states. The latest news is that Kaapus in Andhra Pradesh are ganging up under the gang leader Chiranjeevi and are all set to join the BJP soon.

It may be noted that Chiranjeevi lost miserably with his Praja Rajya party earlier and then joined the Congress party for a central post. His brother Pawan Kalyan with Jana Sena is nowhere, but he wants to stick to the Political line, till the next elections.


But the BJP is aiming to bring all the Kapus together for the next election. If possible they might join with Pawan and fight the election. But here the question is the YSRC chief Jagan is friendly with the BJP.

The Kaapus are in about 80 constituencies where they can make all the difference. But the Kaapus did not support Chiranjeevi or Pawan Kalyan. That is the reason both of them failed. Now it has to be seen who far they would support the BJP. But the BJP is taking the people left, right and centre into the party without much of thinking.

The BJP wants to grow in the South for the future. Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the targets.