Chiranjeevi -Giranjeevi are no match

babu mohan

Babu Mohan the comedy stars comments are viral. Even when he was an MLA Babu Mohan abused an official in the filthiest language and it was recorded by someone and put on the web. That went viral and he lost his reputation in the process.

Now he made a statement comparing Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna.

That comparison was about horse riding. Perhaps he remembered horse riding taking the Syeraa Narsimha Reddy movie into consideration. In Syeraa at the age of 60 Chiranjeevi used the horse extensively along with the sword fights.

But Babu Mohan remembered the Horse riding skills of Balakrishna and said that the hero rides the horse very easily even without holding the reigns.

Babu Mohan acted in the movie Bhairadweepam, where they rode the horses together. Balakrishna is a different man and Chiranjeevi -Giranjeevi are no match to Balaiah, Babu Mohan commented openly. Now, these comments are viral.

Meanwhile, Babu Mohan now joined the BJP after quitting the TRS. He could not win the election recently and is not busy with the movies also. But Babu Mohan should have thought twice before making such comments.

It happened in a flow and the rapport that he had with Balakrishna.