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Chiranjeevi looks at BJP- Kaapu factor

BJP is looking at various factors to strengthen the party here in the Telugu states. The latest news is that Kaapus in Andhra Pradesh are ganging up under the gang leader Chiranjeevi and are all set to join the BJP soon. It may be noted that Chiranjeevi lost miserably with his Praja Rajya party earlier and then joined the Congress… Read More
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Army training for Mahesh

Prince Mahesh Babu will take army training at Kashmir for his latest movie Sarileru Neekevvaru. It will be a rescue operation in Kashmir, where the hero will fight and rescue some people from the terrorists. Apart from Ram Lakshman the fight masters, the local army men will guide the rescue operation shooting here. For this Mahesh is undergoing training from… Read More
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Boyapati needs 70 crores for a movie

Boyapati Srinivas the popular director who gave a flop called Vinaya Vidheya Rama now wants a budget of R 70 crore for making a movie. He has a story ready for Balakrishna, but there is no producer. Balakrishna is ready to work with Boyapati but with no investment. At the same Boyapati is demanding a remunaeration of Rs 10 crore… Read More
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Major Mahesh with a new look

Prince Mahesh who is doing the role of an Army Major in Sarileru Neekevvaru is trying with a new look it is reported. Being directed by Anil Ravipudi the character has a lace of comedy also. With seriousness and some comedy here and there, Mahesh has to involve the audience and that is a new challenge for him. Anil is… Read More
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Maintain distance with Chota K Naidu

Yes, we are talking about the popular Director of Photography Chota K Naidu. Chota who has grown from rags to riches is behaving inappropriately with the leading ladies these days. Some ladies are running away from Chota and also maintaining distance with the popular cameraman. They are maintaining distance with Chota as he is creating some fuss or the other.… Read More
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Dil Raju to be the TTD board member!

Popular filmmaker and care of address for the success Dil Raju is all set to be the TTD board member. Earlier Raghavendra Rao was on the board during the TDP regime. Now Dil Raju will represent the board from the film industry it is learnt. Raghavendra Rao resigned as Jagan took over as the new Chief Minister of the state.… Read More
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Chiru advises son Charan about ladies

It is reported that Chiranjeevi the father of Ramcharan has given some tips in dealing with the ladies especially the leading ladies in the movies. Chiranjeevi has worked with a dozen leading ladies and had no issues with ladies or at home with his wife. Charan said that his father looked after the wife very well and that there was… Read More
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Dera baba wants to do agriculture

Dera baba who has been proved as Rape Baba wants to do agriculture. He is in Jail and has requested the government to provide him with a bail so that he would spend the rest of his life doing agriculture. He is in Sirsa jail for the last two years and has started talking about agriculture. Dera who has done… Read More
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Nagababu rules out Pawan movies

Nagababu the brother of Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi clarified that Pawan the Janasena leader will confine to politics and there will no movies from him. It may be noted that both the brothers Pawan and Nagababu lost the elections miserably under the Janasena banner. Pawan lost the election from both the seats. But Pawan Kalyan clarified that he will not… Read More