Case against hero Nagarjuna

nagarjuna big boss

A case was filed against Hero Nagarjuna as he is hosting the show. The petitioner has suggested that the show must be aired only after 11 in the night so that kids will not see it.

The petitioner also suggested that all the episodes must be censored before they are aired on the TV. Kethi Reddy Jagadishwar Reddy has filed the 3rd petition in the high court. Apart from Nagarjuna, another 9 people were also named in the petition.

Meanwhile, the organisers of the Big Boss also have filed a quash petition. The organisers wanted the cases to be closed as they don’t stand any merit.

Earlier a lady journalist and a lady actor filed a petition against the Big Boss programme that the organisers have posed obscene questions relating to the sex.

Meanwhile Nagarjuna the star who is busy with the release of Manmadhudu 2 is yet to respond over the Big Boss 3. He is hosting the event. One has to find out if it is really possible to censor all the episodes before they are on air.

Meanwhile, Katti Mahesh who also participated in the earlier episode of Big Boss said that there was nothing wrong in asking such questions about Sexual life.