Boyapati needs 70 crores for a movie


Boyapati Srinivas the popular director who gave a flop called Vinaya Vidheya Rama now wants a budget of R 70 crore for making a movie. He has a story ready for Balakrishna, but there is no producer. Balakrishna is ready to work with Boyapati but with no investment. At the same Boyapati is demanding a remunaeration of Rs 10 crore for a movie. Which is very high even after a flop.It has to be seen who will encourage Boyapati in the near future.

It is reported that Boyapati is also trying to do a movie with Prince Mahesh. But Mahesh is not keen it is reported. Meanwhile, Balakrishna also wanted some changes in the script narrated by Boyapati it is learnt.People always look for a combination of Boyapati and Balakrishna. The Legend movie which they made together has run for 365 days.No other movies had such a long run in the theatres.

Boyapati promised that he would repeat the same formula and magic. Balaiah is desperately in need of a hit now after the NTR biopic which bombed miserably at the box office, that too in two parts. SA Rajkumar is doing a movie for Balakrishna. It has to be seen which director would make the movie fast. But Balakrishna is ready for Rajkumar and Boyapati.