Boyapati back with Balaiah babu


Boyapati Srinivas the Legend director has come back and joined his favourite hero. Yes, Balakrishna is working with Boyapati for his next. Right now he is working with SA Ravikumar. He looking 10 years younger than his original age.

Boyapati has been waiting for a movie from Allu Aravind, but so far that did not happen. Now he is back to Balakrishna for a mass masala. The producer is also ready. The movie would be made on a fast track to save some budget. Balakrishna, on the other hand, is in a slump after the failure called NTR one and two parts directed by Krish.


Krish also has faded out after the disaster of NTR biopic. Balakrishna is in news and viral with his new look and also reduced weight. The tyre around his waist is gone and he is looking slim.

At the same time, Balakrishna is also keeping away from the TDP party. But he has won as an MLA from Hindupur. Let’s hope Blaiah and Boyapati will churn out a hit for the Tollywood.

C Kalyan is the producer for the movie being directed by Rajkumar for Balakrishna now.