Bhatti cannot command: KCR


Bhatti cannot command the leader of the house, you cannot dictate the CM on what he has to speak in the Assembly. I know what to speak, we cannot keep quiet, we have got the mandate of the people for 5 years KCR stated. There is a limit for everything he said. You are misusing the mike and also the time of the house CM said.

Bhatti Vikramarka wants old systems only, why I do not know said K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana. We have to make some changes according to the needs of modern Telangana he said. Why Congress is opposing things I do not know KCR stated.

They do not want us to do anything as they did not do anything in their tenure KCR opined. The district collector is supreme in the area he stated. The elected representatives have all the rights, but the district collector will supervise and guide according to the needs KCR explained.


Why should they file cases against the water projects he questioned?

The Municipalities are in a bad situation he said. The Intellectuals are appreciating the new system. I appreciated YSR for 108 and it is the Congress scheme we are implementing he explained. So far things are not going in the right direction in the municipalities, now they have to be regulated and transparency must come he said.

For everything Congress leaders go to the court which is not correct he explained. We will not grab the powers of the elected representatives, but will give scope to the collectors for the proper implementation he said.