Balaiah to be a gangster


Balakrishna after the debacle of TDP is trying to concentrate on films. Balaiah is kind of a man who takes success and failure in the same format. You cannot disturb him with the failures. He is always a confident man. Now SA Raj Kumar is directing the next film of Balaiah. Here police Balaiah turns into a gangster. That is the theme of the story. Rajkumar is a senior director doing the movie for C Kalyan. Producer Kalyan said that they are in the process of selecting the lead ladies for Balaiah.

It is reported that there could be two ladies for Balaih in this movie. One with the police and the other with the Gangster. The question is why the police turns into a Gangster. That is the storyline and Balaiah has liked the script.

On the other hand, Boyapati Seenu who failed with the movie of Ramcharan wants to come back with Balaiah. Boyapati is ready with the bound script and Balaiah also agreed to give him the dates. There is a chance that both Rajkumar and Boyapati might shoot the movies one by one. It is reported that Balaiah might try a different kind of look for Rajkumars movie as a gangster.