Balaiah and Vijayashanti together: Unholy alliance


Balakrishna and Vijayashanti have acted together in many hit movies in Telugu. Now they are going to share the dais in the political arena. Balaiahs father senior NTR will be weeping in heaven to see that his son Balakrishna is campaigning for the Congress which does not approve at all. TDP was born against the Congress party and now it is joining the Congress for political survival and what a fall.


The son of NTR is campaigning along with Vijayashanti in the future and that is completely against the policy and nature of TDP and NTRs sentiment. We have to see how the people will approve this opportunistic alliance. Vijayashanti was also in TRS and then she is now back with the Congress and campaigning for the Congress and TDP combine.

People may come in large numbers to see Vijayshanit and Balakrishna on the same van, but they may not vote for them. The TDP will not vote Congress and the Congress may not vote for TDP in reality. This makes all the difference and alliance will fall flat on its face with no result and success.

The BJP is nowhere and they are waiting for the disgruntled and leftover elements of other parties. If other parties have not given them seats, means that they are not winning horses. What will BJP do with them is the question.


The TRS, on the other hand, is bulldozing the campaign across the state and the people are enjoying the onslaught of KCR in the public meetings.