Asking about sex is not wrong: Mahesh

Kathi mahesh.jpeg

Kathi Mahesh, the controversial moviemaker who was underground all these days has surfaced again for supporting the Big Boss 3 organisers. earlier he also starred in Bog Boss for some time.

Mahesh opined that there was nothing wrong on the part of organisers who asked the ladies if they can sustain in the show for about 100 days without having sex.

Kathi said that he was also asked the same question, that he would manage it in the bathroom as there would be no cameras in the bathroom. Kathi opined that it is to analyse the mental ability of the ladies such questions are asked he opined.

It all depends on how the ladies take it he said. Swetha Reddy was asked as to who she would like to satisfy the BigBoss and another lady of Fidaa fame Gayatri Gupta was asked if she could stay in the house without having sex for about 100 days.

Both the ladies did not expect such questions and they have filed cases in the police station against the Big Boss show. Meanwhile, Nagarjuna Akkineni is hosting the show. Earlier it was NTR and Nani who hosted the show.

It looks like the organisers of the Big Boss have approached Katti to come to their rescue. But all said and done it is not right on the part of organisers to humiliate ladies by asking such questions. There are people who have dubbed it as a publicity stunt also.