Arrogant Vishwaksen is Paagal

Vishwaksen Paagal.jpeg

Vishwaksen the hero who was in news for his Falaknuma das is regarded as an arrogant hero who indirectly took on the people in Tollywood left and right and finally the impact was seen on the movie. The Movie Falaknuma das which was supposed to be a big hit, became just an average hit as the hero has abused hero Vijay Devarakonda indirectly.

We can say that Vishwak has rubbed the people on the wrong side for no reason and had to pay for it. Now he is coming up with a movie called Paagal which means mad man.

He is working with a new director for the movie and is involved in the script work also. The way Vishwak behaved with his first movie showed his arrogance and also overconfidence. That was not required at all. He should have taken everything in his stride with cool and calm composure. Instead, he exhibited the brashness which was not required.

Even people like Chiranjeevi behave in a decent and disciplined manner and get the things done. With just one movie Vishwak almost became a paagal and went out of control. We have to see how he behaves after the release of Paagal.