Arjuna, Karna or Bhakta Kannappa …


After the super-duper hit of Baahubali, now Prabahsa the darling is busy with the promotions of Saaho the much-awaited film from Tollywood. Prabha’s said that now he is doing a romantic movie after Baahuabli and Saaho. Saaho was shot for one and half years and post-production works and graphics took around 6 months time.

An actions scene costed around 75 crore for the Saaho producers. The movie has best action directors and is being released in 4 languages first.

It could be dubbed in other languages also at national and international level.When asked apart from Baaubali what characters he wanted to do?

Prabhas said that he would like to do Arjuna or Karna for that matter. He also likes Bhakta Kannappa the bhakt of lord shiva who gave eyes to the Shiva linga earlier.

Earlier Prabhas uncle UV Krishnam Raju the rebel star has done the movie Bhakta Kannappa which was super duper hit.

Now Prabhas would like to do the same. Prabhas is sure about the hit of Saaho and said that he has already shot about 20 days for his upcoming romantic movie. He is also planning to do two movies a year as he has spent about 5 years in doing just 2 films in recent times.

He is also thinking about the proposed marriage. His parents are after him to get married at the earliest possible.