All is not well with Banks


There are a lot of apprehensions on the functioning of Banks after the PMC bank scam. The demonetisation has made all the difference to the customers. They were unable to draw their own money.

Now the PMC depositors are dying one after the other. It is like you save the money in the PMC bank and the money is lost. You cannot get it when you want it.

There are restrictions on your own money. The HDFC puts a stamp on the passbook that they are only responsible to the tune of Rs one lakh out of the money that you have deposited with them.

They how to trust the banks is the big question. The days are not far away when you did the soil and bury the money underground. Today the banks are on strike and they do not want the merger of the banks as being proposed by the Central Government.

The BJP Government has definitely messed up with the banks and now the depositors are in the lurch. There is unrest in all the Banks, employees of the Banks and also the depositors.

Who will be accountable for the money of the depositors is the question? What is the role of the RBI and what is the responsibility of the Government?

Who will give the money to the PMC depositors? People have duped the banks have fled the country and not accountable and at the same time, the banks are now not accountable to the depositors.

The sytems is lurch and a lot, of course, correction as to take place. Otherwise, people will stop going to Banks.