AIMIM opens Tik Tok slot

tik tok

All India Majlis Iththehadul Muslimin is the party from Hyderabad headed by MP Asaduddin Owaisi. The party headed by the firebrand leader Asaduddin Owaisi has opened the Tik Tok account and already 700 followers have joined the MIM.

Perhaps ASaduddin is the only MP who can take the BJP head-on in this country. MIM is having accounts in FaceBook and also other social media platforms. Now they have joined the Tik Tok.

The brother of Asad is also popular for talking against Rama and he is the LOP in the Telangana Assembly.

He is also facing cases for challenging Hindus. Asaduddin is in news for opposing the construction of RamTemple in Ayodhya. Now MIM is contesting election in Maharashtra also. They have their presence across the country.

TIK TOK is ahead in many ways when compared to other social media platforms.

That could be the reason MIM has joined the medium even after being a political party. The MIM is making inroads into many states these days. Akbar who is also the brother of Asad has been made the Chairman of the PAC here in the Telangana state Assembly.