After Modi its Rajini

Rajinikanth Man Vs Wild


After Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the superstar Rajinikanth will be coming on the discovery Channel. The program is man versus wild. The episode with Modi was a hit where the Prime Minister has thrown the security to wind and spend a lot of time with Grils.

Here Modi travelled in a boat made Tarpolin and sticks without any security in place. He talked about the simple life and the way he has graduated to become the Prime minster of India.

In the same fashion, the 70-year-old Rajinikanth popular as Thalaiva would talk about his life apart from spending his time in the forests. Rajinikanth is expected to do the program for the discovery in the Tiger reserve forests of Karnataka it is learnt. It will be a shooting for two days it is learnt.

We do not know if Rajinikanth will be paid for this travel in the forest. The program will be aired in 180 countries in different languages. It is like a win-win situation for both Modi and also the Discovery channel.