After Me too, Now its She Too

she too

So far we have seen women writing about the harassment being done by the men. Many ladies have exposed the men who have forced them and harassed them. But the other angle is that there are women who have harassed men also. They have exploited men sexually and abused them in front of other ladies.

Now slowly men celebrities are coming out in open and are exposing the men. So far the men just kept quiet and no on revealed as to how they were physically abused so on and so forth.

Josh Kloss a model who worked with Katy Perry the pop singer accuased that she has sexually harassed him while filming a vide called as Teenage dream. The video was a big hit, but this man Josh was harassed by the lady. He revealed the same after a long time. We have to see how far men would reveal their experiences of harassment.

The Teenage dream will be celebrating its 9nth anniversary and Josh has now decided to reveal how he was sexually abused by the lady pop singer. Josh said that the lady pop signer kissed him in front of the crew all the time while filming the video. They went to a friends birthday party where the lady opened his pants and exposed the male organ to others without his consent.

Josh found the attitude of the lady very objectionable as his pant was pulled down in a party and was exposed to all the people there. This was a very bad experience to him. This shows that there are women who harass men. They have to be exposed. It looks like many women would be exposed in the process of She Too.