Aditya wants to rule Maharashtra

adithya thackrey

Both Shiv Sena and the BJP leaders have met the Maharashtra Governorseperately and staked claim to form the Government. The Shiv Sena leaders say that the BJP has promised them of 50/50 power in the state when they formed an alliance to fight the elections.

BJP Chief and Minister for Home Amit Shah said that there was nothing wrong in the claim made by the Sena and that they want to come to power and grow as a political party.

While the PM Modi is going to Saudi for a 2-day trip, it looks like Shah is in charge of the happenings here in the country for the time being. There is open demand from the Sena leaders for the first time they want the CM post for the two and a half years.

So far the CM Fadnavis has not reacted over the claim by the Shiv Sena. It may be noted that Sena leader Uddav Thackerey was reluctant to join the Alliance with BJP. But Shah managed to get Sena into the fold and the agreement was that they would share the power equally.

That was the reason Aditya Thackerey was fielded for the MLA seat. Now he wants to be the Chief Minister. It almost looks like the BJP is not reluctant on sharing the power. But the Sena leaders want the BJP to give a return agreement to this extent.

The issue is to supposed to get resolved in a day or two.

The power-sharing will happen in Maharashtra, but it has to be seen who would rule the state first. Will it be Sena or the BJP is the question. As far as the majority is concerned it is BJP which has become the single largest party so far.