96 will be delayed …

96 the movie

96 the movie which is being made in Telugu will get delayed due to the shoulder injury of hero Sharwanand. Sharwanand was injured in the sky diving shot at Thailand. He was rushed to Hyderabad for the surgery which took about 11 hours today. He had a deep shoulder injury and will take some time to recover.

96 the movie

Dil Raju is the producer for the movie and earlier the same movie was proposed with Allu Arjun. Arjun did not agree to do it. Now the shooting was going on well, but unfortunately, Sharwa was injured in the shooting. His shoulder injury was operated upon and it was a success.

But the hero will take some time to recover and resume the shooting. 96 was a hit movie in Tamilnadu and the same is being remade in Telugu wiht some changes here and there to suit the nativity. Now the project will be delayed for some time so that the hero recovers from the shoulder injury.