82 % voting in Huzurnagar

Huzurnagar bypolls

It has been reported that 82 percent voting has been recorded in the Huzurangar By-election. Except for some EVMs issues, there was no other problem or any untoward incident reported from the polling stations.

By and large, the voting was peaceful in Huzurnagar. It could be TRS or the Congress here in Huzurnagar according to the polling pattern observed by the analysts. The voting has been 3 percent less when compared to last year.

The rain god has been kind to the contestants and there was no disruption to the voters here in Huzurnagar. In the earlier polling, the voting was above 85 per cent here.


Both the Congress and TRS workers hard to woo the voters here in the constituency. The TRS lost the elections earlier with a slender margin. Now they want to make up the loss.

Congress, on the other hand, wants to retain the seat. The BJP and the TDP will play the spoilsport any way. The communists have around 8000 votes here and they are not supporting the TRS. We do not know which way the votes would go.

But the talk is that TRS has an edge when compared to the Congress party.