10 states say no to Challan


Gujarat was the first state to say no to the new challan system imposed by the Centre. These fines are to save the lives of the people said the Union Minister Nithin Gadkari.

Now more than 10 states do not want to implement the new rules as the fines are exploding. One or two owners of two-wheelers have just burnt the vehicles on the road.

There is full throttle protest against the new system of Challans. The cameras just click the images of the owners and the challans come to your home left and right. Some are not justified.

KCR the CM of Telangana wanted the officials to study the systems of other states and then come to a conclusion here. The people are jittery and they are not taking their vehicles out. One car owner has died due to a heart attack when he was stopped by the traffic cops for a check.

Now traffic cops demand the kids wear helmets. But where are the helmets that are ready for the kids is the question? It is better for the centre to hold the new system of challans for some time so that something via media can be worked out as this system is beating below the belt of the common man.

The Gujarat chief minister has directly refused to implement the new system of Challans. It is better to take stock of the situation before it explodes. The states must also represent the matter to the centre in detail. This is nothing but breaking the backbone of the common man.