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Yuddham saranam review

Naga Chaitanya has climbed one more step.A series of bomb blasts take place in the city organised by a don Nayak (Sreekanth). Arjun (Naga Chaitanya), a happy-go-lucky youth and an aspiring entrepreneur, is searching for his parents, Murali and Seetha (Rao Ramesh and Revathi), who have gone missing.

Then there is JD Shastri (Murali Sharma) has been assigned the task of nabbing the terrorists responsible for the blasts.
Yuddham Sharanam has emotion and action. The first half of the film entirely centers on establishing the characters of the principal players. The bond between Arjun and his family is also established.

Yuddham saranam review

Rao Ramesh and Revathi do a fabulous job and the roles are a cake walk for them. Lavanya Tripathi as Anjali, Naga Chaitanya’s love interest, looks fresh and cute on screen.

But her role is restricted to just that. Sreekanth, in terms of appearance, is entirely convincing as the bad guy
Debutant Krishna R Marimuthu handles the emotional drama in the first half but the second half which is action-based fails to impress as it fails to strike an emotional connect.

Director:KR Marimuthu
Producer: Korrapati
Music: Viveksagar
Starring; Chaitanya,Lavanya Thripati
Rating: 2.5./5



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