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YSR yatra first look

It looks like NTRs biopic and YSRs biopic are going hand in hand. The first looks of YSR biopic with the tile yatra is out and Mammooty the hero in the movie is waving to the crowd exactly like the YSR. On the other hand, there is news that Surya will be playing the role of Jagan the son of YSR who is the LOP in the AP assembly and also on a padayatra.

YSR yatra first look
This will come in handy for the YSRC Chief Jagan in the coming elections. Like KCR the Telangana CM YSR also did a lot of welfare activity for the poor and the downtrodden.

The NTR movie will come in hand for the TDP cadres in the next elections. He is like a god to the Telugu people who have Rs 2 a kilo rice, Janata saree, idli at 10 paise so on and so forth. He also gave women the right to the property and also did his best for giving political reservations to Women.

So both these films will add to the glamour of the respective political parties, But now BJP is travelling with Jagan and the times are difficult for the TDP and Chandababu.

Let us hope the films will help the respective parties in the coming elections.



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