YSR supari to kill Babu!

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu revealed that he believes that his rival, YSR was a behind the assassination attempt that saw Naxals targeting his convoy in 2003 at Alipiri.

On Facebook, TDP carried a news article on his comments, suggesting they were accurately reported.

CM Babu

There is nothing mysterious about the timing of the Chief Minister’s revelation. It comes ahead of a crucial election to the Andhra Pradesh legislature from the constituency of Nandyal, whose representative Bhooma Nagi Reddy died in March.


The Chief Minister’s accusations come after his main opponent, Jagan Mohan Reddy, said, while campaigning in Nandyal, that there would be nothing wrong if Mr Naidu “were to be shot dead on the road.” .
Jagan, who is the son of YSR , said he had “been carried away” by his emotions, which he blamed on the Chief Minister “betraying the people.”



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