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You are not taking right food

Your skin is an indication of your bad health. White patches, pimples and acne also show that you are not giving good food to your body. That means you have to improve your food and give it some protein.

The Cracks on the side of your mouth also indicates that you are not at the pink of your health. This is a deficiency of iron. This is also due to fungus and bacterial infections.

You are not taking right food

Constipation is another issue which shows that you are not taking the right food. Food with fibre like green leaves, nuts help in solving the constipation issue.

Bad breath is also another problem when your body does not get proper glucose. This also depends on the food that you take. People taking low carb diet will have this bad breath. So taking good food is a must.

Thinning of hair is also another issue for bad health. You must take food with iron content and that helps in solving the hair fall.



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