Yo -Yo test for cricketers

It does not involve any cricket balls or bat, but it is a sheer test of a player’s fitness, where an object, primarily cones, are placed on the field, consisting of two lines normally 20m apart. The cricketer has to run along the two set lines as soon as he is instructed. He will have to return after he hears a beep.

Yo -Yo test for cricketers

That may not sound too tough in the initial phase, but that is just the start of the endurance test as the pace picks up after a few minutes, making it more difficult. But, there is no holding back for the player, who has to get in terms with it and double his pace too as the test moves ahead.

In case, the player fails to catch up with the pace of the test, he needs to somehow gather extra pace and catch within the next two beeps. If the players fail to catch up with pace in the next two ends, the test also comes to an end, reported media.



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