Yeddy will scrape through Political Top Stories 

Yeddy will scrape through

Yeddyurappa the new CM is all set to prove the majority soon in Karnataka. The BJP has 104 MLAs and they will add up the required majority and it is not a problem. The channels were opened even before the results came in. JDS leader Kauamara Swamy confirmed this.

The BJP was in touch with both the Congress and also the JDS leaders.

Sriramulu said that the people want BJP Government here in Karnataka. But the Congress and JDS are joining to stall BJP he said. There are some like-minded MLAs and we will cross the magic number he said. Kumara Swamy is fake he talks about whatever he wants. It is just a loose talk and it is not practical and real he said.

Making Yeddy CM and Proving majority is the task, I am just a worker said Sriramaulu. Ramulu is the deputy CM candidate for the BJP.

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N Ram and Chidambaram the former Union Minister opined that it was not a right practice and to add numbers the BJP has to implement all the illegal practices. Some Congress MLAs are missing it is reported. Anandsing the Congress MLA is in Gujarat. The Congress MLAs have left the Eagleton resort and they are to do a dharna at Vidhansabha against the swearing in of Yeddyurappa.

The BJP is in touch with one or two MLAs of JDS but nothing has confirmed so far. JDS leader Kumara Swamy yesterday said that they have 117 MLAs and the group is intact. But he also said that 100 crore per MLA was the offer that was made by the BJP. The JDS MLAs are camping in Shangrila resort. Now the tone and tenor of some JDS MLAs is changing as the BJP has taken over the state. Some of them feel it is better to shift sides and take the booty along with Power.

Bengaluru is brimming with political activity and it is reported that 2 JDS MLAs were missing since yesterday.



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