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Yeddy says 15 days, not required

While people are questioning as to why the BJP needs 15 days from proving the majority and blaming the Governor for encouraging the horse trading. Yeddyurappa the CM of Karnataka said that he does not need 15 days for proving the majority. He sought the support of all the elected MLAs. He is confident that he can prove the majority in a short span of time and that the 15 days given by the Governor are not required.

BJP,  Yeddyurappa ,  Congress, Chidambaram

Some Congress leaders including the former Union Minister Chidambaram charged that the 15 days was given to BJP to go for horse trading and gain the majority. Yeddy was confident of getting the majority and forming the Government.

Meanwhile, the Congress case in the court questioning the decision of the Government is still pending and it is posted for Frida at 10.30 am.

BJP,  Yeddyurappa ,  Congress, Chidambaram

15 days for anyone is generous to buy a majority some of them commented on the social media. In Goa the BJP got 4 days to prove the majority. The Congress is trying to protect its MLAs and the JDS is also maintaining its vigil over the MLAs. However, the BJP is confident that it will prove the numbers.



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