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Yeddy condemns congress back door politics

People voted for a Congress Mukt Karnataka said the BJP CM candidate for Karnataka Yeddyurappa said. He thanked the people and workes of the BJP for helping to win the election here.

He condemned the back door politics of Congress party. He said that the Congress has no moral right to stake for power. Will discuss the issues with the Delhi leaders and finally arrive at a decision he said.

There is an anti-congress wave and that was the reason the JDS has also won many seats he opined. The BJP is at 104 and some more results are to come. The BJP has more or less agreed to make Yeddy as the CM of Karnataka.

Yeddy condemns congress back door politics

On the other hand, is learnt that the Governor has sent back the Congress-led delegation back. The governor would invite eh BJP first to form the government as it is the single largest party and would give time to prove majority on the floor of the house.

The situation is fluid and there could be some hose trading overnight. As of now, it looks like advantage BJP.



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