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Worlds best Noma restaurant to reopen

Danish chef Rene Redzepi has revealed that the re-opening of his Copenhagen restaurant Noma has been pushed back to 2018.

Earlier set to open in December this year, the construction hit a snag a few months ago.
Crews stumbled upon an ancient stone wall buried in the ground, reads an update posted on the restaurant website. Archaeologists who were brought to the site to inspect the wall eventually declared the finding to be insignificant.


The menu will be seasonal, focusing on seafood in winter and early spring, when fish, urchin and oysters are at their peak, and the plant kingdom in spring and summer. Come fall and winter, the menu will shift again to highlight the bounty of Danish forests, with ingredients like mushrooms, nuts, berries, game meats.

In spite of the closure, there’s been no rest for the Noma team. Earlier this spring, Redzepi flew his team out to Mexico for a pop-up stint.



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