women’s day by TAUK London

Telangana Association of United Kingdom(TAUK)  grandly celebrated Women’s day in London at Asian Women Resource centre (AWRC)  and learned their programmes to prevent domestic a buse by helping women and children to receive essential practical and emotional support.

women's day by TAUK London

AWRC Director Sarbjit Ganger explained Their organisation aims and programmes to TAUK members. Nowadays women are experiencing domestic abuse and no proper platform to help and rebuild their lives. especially women from Asian countries need this help and support due to pride and language barriers.

Sarabjit appreciated TAUK for their support, spending time and knowing more about AWRC also said very thankful to TAUK President Pavithra Reddy Kandi for financially supporting and encouraging their efforts.

     women's day by TAUK London
TAUK President Pavithra Reddy Kandi said, as a woman it’s my responsibility to encourage the efforts of AWRC. We should all get united and help, support these victims. TAUK always supports these organisations and also donated the cheque to AWRC. also said to establish themselves, women need to be stronger in politically, socially and financially.

TAUK Women Secretary Supraja Pulusu conveyed that TAUK always support charity and I feel motivated by this gesture by our organisation working towards women welfare.I thank MP Kavitha for her inspiration to us and all Telangana women.

women's day by TAUK London
TAUK President Pavithra Kandi, Women wing Secretary Supraja Pulusu, Cultural coordinator Jahnavi Vemula, Cultural Secretary Sravya Vandanapu, Member Mamatha Jakki and AWRC members participated in Celebrations.



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