Women’s chief proposes Mens commission!

Nannapaneni Rajakumari the chief of the women’s commission meant for protecting the rights of women said that she also has sympathy for men who are harassed by the women. She agreed that there are men who suffer due to the misdeeds of women. Their interest must also be protected and for that one should have a men’s commission she proposed. I have sympathy for men they also have rights and they should not be taken for a ride or taken for granted in the name of women’s rights she opined.

nannapaneni rajakumari

Rajakumari once made a statement in the interest of protecting the girls – “I’m saying this as the Chairperson only. Every girl should carry a knife when she goes out so that when a person tries to force himself like an animal, she should cut off his genitals.”Now she is blaming the TV serials which provoke the ladies and present the ladies like villains.


She also said that the movies which create a rift in the families should be stopped. There should be a control on the violence that they depict she said. She has already written a letter to the centre and also the state to this effect against the TV serials plots and also the movies in general.



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