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What will the VP Venkaiah do?

Now that the Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has received the notice of an impeachment against the Chief Justice of India he has to act on it. The VP has to give his decisions if it was admitted or not. For that Venkaiah is already in touch with the legal luminaries.

There is no proper record on if any Chief Justice so far. 25 years ago the same kind of motion was moved against the Judge Ramaswami but the MPs failed in the end. Even now a 3 member high-level committee will look into the merits of the notice of impeachment and would recommend it to the Vice President if that was valid. Kapi Sibal was defending Ramaswamy then and now the same Kapil Sibal is opposing the CJI.

During PV government there was no majority of MPs and the motion did not succeed. Next, the Judge resigned before the motion came for voting. Another Judge Dinakaran also resigned before his corruption charges were proved.

Venkaiah naidu

Congress and 6 other parties with 66 MPs have moved the motion against the CJI and now the decision has to be taken by Venkaiah. They faulted the CJI on 5 counts.

Now the country and people are looking at Venkiah as to what decision he will make by this evening.



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