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Salman granted bail order-

Bollywood is waiting to see Salman miya to come out the Jail on Bail. As the judge who was supposed to hear the bail plea today has been transferred, Salman Khan has been granted the bail order today.  He will fly out of Jodhpur to Mumbai in a chartered flight.

Will he get the bail today or will it be postponed was the question lingering on the minds of his fans and family members? About 1000 crores are on him with 3 movies on the floors and one movie getting ready for the coming Eid.

Yesterday Salmans advocate claimed that the Bail ordered was reserved. But it was a false statement. The arguments will take place today and then only the judge will decide on the bail order.

In the earlier instance, Salman was let off claiming that there was no evidence to say that Salman was drunk and if he was driving the Vehicle. But now there is enough evidence and the Judge is under severe pressure it is reported.

Will Salman get the bail?

If he gives bail, the locals will not excuse him as they worship the deer. If Salman is let off for the second time then people will lose respect for the judiciary. If Sanjay can be put in Jail, why not Salman someone questioned last night.

Meanwhile, it looks like Salman is planning to come out of the Jail on Health grounds and stay in some hospitals for some time. It is reported that some food and other things are reaching Salman via his companion in jail Asharam Bapu. There is no stream of cinema people to his jail as it was expected. Preeti Zinta was one lady who went to see him yesterday evening and she covered her face with a cap not to be spotted. But our photographers caught her on camera.

It was due to the provocation of Farha and other ladies in the vehicle that Salman has fired on the deer and wanted to show off that he can shoot. Nawab Saif Ali was also in the vehicle along with Salman. But it is learnt that Salman took the entire blame on him and did not complain about others accompanying him.

Meanwhile, threatening calls and SMS messages are coming to Salmans advocate. The local who worship the rare species of deer as gods want Salman and others to be in Jail and they want more punishment to be given to Salman.

Salmans father is meeting senior advocates known to him to see that if there are any loopholes by which Salman can get the bail. Most of the family members are maintaining a low profile.

Anupam Kher close to Salmans father is trying out various options to see that Sallu Bhai gets some relief immediately.



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