Will RGV keep Viceroy episode

AP CM Chandrababu is ridiculed by the Congress and other opponents as a backstabber of his uncle and the then CM NTR. But Babu claims that he has actually protected TDP from Lakshmi Parvathi and her selfish motive.

Will RGV keep Viceroy episode
Now politicians and the public are pondering as to whether RGV the controversial director will keep the Viceroy episode of Babu or not in the NTR movie.

The MLAs were kept away from NTR in the hotel viceroy for making Babu as the CM. If this is in the movie then it will go against the interest of Babu and TDP.
The YSRC, on the other hand, wants to encash on this movie against Chandrababu and TDP.  Both RGV and his friend Teja are making movies on the senior NTR and it has to be seen who will get the hit.



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