Will Pawan take or give legal notice- J -Channel Cinema Top Stories 

Will Pawan take or give legal notice- J -Channel

Pawan Kalyan the chief of Janasena is planning to go legal against news channels for conspiring against the Mega family it is reported.

Pawan also wants to drag RGV the director to court it is learnt. To this extent, he has conducted animated discussions with the legal experts. He also advised Srireddy and other ladies to take legal action against the people who harassed them in the film industry.

But at the same time, the channels are also planning to serve legal notice to Pawan for making allegations that they are conspiring against the mega family and Janasena for the sake of TDP. TV 9 owner Srini Raju is in touch with the legal experts and he plans to send a notice to Pawan Babu asking him to prove about the allegations that he made against the channel.

But RGV us keeping quiet for the time being. Aravind called him an intelligent crook and one has to how he would react over the matter.

Will Pawan take or give legal notice- J -Channel

It looks like Pawan instead of concentrating on the party work and people he is fishing in the troubled waters. Waging a war against media is not good for him and his family.On the other hand, it is reported that Pawan babu is planning to launch a TV channel for his Janasena party. Since there are channels from 1 to 10 numbers, now Pawan wants to call it as J -channel. This is to show the thoughts of Pawan and Jana Sena for the people of Telugu states in particular.

The ladies have pointed out that Vaakada Apparao the manager working for Mega family was the real culprit. But so for the mega members did not talk about Vaakada at all. He is working for Syra also. They must drop him as he is facing serious allegations. There are rumours that Vaakada hires the young girl for mega members.

The mega members should drop this man first and also clarify over the matter.



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