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When will Pawan start the questioning ?

Politics is not so easy to master. People say politics is the last resort of a scoundrel. But people think with the popularity they can get away with it. It is not so. Chiranjeevi the mega star who still has his charisma in tact, could not make it in politics. He failed. But what about his brother?

Can Director Trivikrams advise lead him to victory. It may be recalled that when Javed Akhtar the cine writer wrote for Late Rajiv Gandhi with the famous dialogue tumrai nani ko Yad kara deyinge, Rajiv the then congress chief lost miserably in the elections. Now what happens our Pawan Kalyan the Kushi star has to be seen.

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He does not look so serious for the coming polls. Jana Sena, the party which was launched with a hype and slogan” To Question” is unable to question and people waiting to see which way will Jana Sena go.

Pawan has already been branded that he was hand in glove with BJP-TDP combine. But he said that it was not true and he is going to question anyone and every one ? It could be the PM Modi also.

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The political heat is on in the Telugu states. BJP Chief and the Congess Chief have already made their first moves, while the TDP and the TRS supremos are busy with development works .They want to prove that they alone can develop the states. But the relatively less experience man in politics Pawan Kalyan is still in a dilemma whether to move with party or to continue with the movies.

Pawan Kalyan who is busy with Trivikram’s flick in Hyderabad has no concrete strategy or plan to counter ruling party in AP and at the same time, he has no particular philosophy or guidance from a senior politician to gear up the cadre. In other words, He wants to contest in Telangana also. The congress and the BJP have failed in fixing TRS here, what can Jana Sena do is a big question.


KCR is a shrewd politician who speaks in people language and knows the pulse very well. He never failed in his plans and strategies.

Appointment of writers, social media activists, recruiting soldiers all was made in a haste without any proper plan or agenda by Pawan.No one is sure if it is really required. One cannot run the political party like an ad agency or any scrip writing job. Even YSRC failed when they tried to run like a corporate structure.
Pavan Kalyan at one stage shows interest to move with communists and on the other hand keeps a safe distance with AP CM Naidu and this double strategy will not work. Now there is this talk about Pawan joining with Jagan to take on TDP.


Chirajeevi who failed with PRP and Congress is a great example with which Pawan has many things to learn. But he thinks he is different from his brother and has more than the required Charisma. This is not true. He is bound to fail.

It is time that Pawan concentrates on politics. No one who traveled on two boats was a successful man in the history of politics. Acting for cinema is very different and difficult from acting in Politics. The people here can see through you in politics and they will expose you in no time.

You must have a thick skin .. Does Pawan have it is a question which time will answer in the near future..





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