Will NTR come into TDP fold

What is the position of NTR in TDP is a big question. Earlier it was Balaiah in the party all alone who was a competition to NTR, but Lokesh is the latest entrant and in future Brahmani the daughter of Balakrishna and wife of Lokesh might also join the politics it is reported.

NTR tried to be the family from time to time in various aspects, but circumstances moved him away from the family. He was also avoided and sent back when he tried to join them in several functions. But later it was Chandrababu who gave him entry into the TDP for campaigning. It worked out , but later some how he was distanced again.


The rift between NTR and Balakrishna which occured during flick of Dammu is once again witnessed on birthday of Balakrishna. On the eve of Ballaya’s birthday, special live interaction with fans was arranged, who was delighted by sharing about his personal life and future projects.


But Balakrishna did not utter a word when questioned about NTR. He was silent even though he was flooded with questions on NTR, thundered by fans, teased by a fan. This proves the internal war between Balakrishna and NTR is still in progress. Many tried to resolve the issue after elections, but it did not materialise.

As far as NTRs cine graph is concerned he is doing extremely well. He is one of the top heroes no doubt about. Like Balaiah he is also continuing the Senior NTRs legacy. At this age he is a super star and many more years to go .Unlike others he became a hero at a young age.



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