Will lose stardom says, Aamir

Aamir the superstar is not afraid of losing his stardom. “No, I don’t fear that because I am very clear that I am going to lose it all. There will be a day when I will not have all of it.

So there is no need to fear. What I scared about is something else.I fear that jo humbanane chale hai wo ban payega ki nahi.

 Will lose stardom says, Aamir For me, my constant fear that keeps me alert is what we set out to make, should be made. We shouldn’t go wrong in what we are trying to achieve. Will I lose my fame, creativity? Yes, I will. It is a matter of time.”

I don’t feel I am a superstar. I feel I am a person, who loves what he is doing. Super-stardom is not something that I take seriously. At times, I have to work a little hard to move out of the way to do things that I want to.”



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