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Will launch the Federal front- alternative to BJP-Congress

KCR was speaking on the need for an alternative front at the centre. We have entered the 18nth year facing all the odds. I was confident that we will be getting Telangana KCR said. We contested all alone and have won the election in 2014. People know that we can do our best for the people and we are striving with all the sincerity and hard work he said.

We are the best political party in the state doing a great job for the people of Telangana he stated. The Pm Modi and CMs are praising the transparency of the TRS government he said. Welfare money is reaching the people directly he said. No one thought we will develop Telangana in such a big way. Siddhu wants to learn and Revanna the ministers want to learn from TRS he said.

Centre said that we are number one earners in the country. The Congress spoiled the country since last 70 years he pointed out.

We have developed on our own and now we are focusing on the centre he said. I have worked in various positions and nothing is being done as required across the country. We have no problem in Telangana, but we want to do something to the country from Telangana.

The country is shaken and Rahul says I am the agent of Modi. He asked the people should I take it up or not. The people said yes KCR must take it up. BJP says there is no tent to the front, then why are you afraid he questioned? We must do something for the Nation he said. I will take it up and I will fight for an alternative to the country he said.

The Congress must be ashamed of the rule since last 70 years. 11 years the BJP ruled. Other PMs ruled for 5 years and there is no result. The Congress did not allow others to rule properly. They are winning by default and this is not good he said. Water woes are because of your foolish politics he said.

There is enough water he said. Congress -BJP made all absurd promises he ridiculed. The two parties have looted the Nation he said. He gave the example of Singapore and its development.



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