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Will give in writing says Yeddyurappa

Former chief Minister Yeddyurappa of BJP said that he will give in writing that the BJP would win around 120 seats and it is a clear majority of the BJP. He has already fixed muhurat for his swearing-in on 17nth. He wants to meet the Prime Minister on 15 after the election results.

But Congress CM Siddharamaiah says that the former CM Yeddyurappa is mentally disturbed and not able to understand the ground reality. While the Initial reports say that it was edge for the Congress, then the later reports, in the end, gave an edge for the BJP. The JDS is also pretty confident on its own.

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Yesterday the exit polls, in the end, predicted an edge for BJP with 99 seats and BJP becoming the single largest party. Huge betting is going on with the bookies on the election results. Some of them are betting on both the parties so that they can win on one of the parties and be safe.

The average tally of all the exit polls shows that it could be BJP 99 and the Congress 88. That is advantage BJP. But both Yeddy and Siddha are sticking to their guns, that they would win the elections and would become the chief Misters. On 15 nth the results will be out and it is a matter of 48 hours. Till such time keep your fingers crossed.



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