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Will fight BJP-No BJP Mukth Bharat

Gujarat was the first election where the people have voted against the Modi rule and the BJP was almost on the verge of losing the election, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said today. Rahul is in the midst of campaigning for the Karnataka elections and said that he would fight the BJP and win over the BJP in Karnataka and he is not for the BJP Mukth Bharat.

Will fight BJP-No BJP Mukth Bharat

Rahul also stated that he will not stoop low like Modi and that he respects of the post of Prime Minister and will not talk in the language of the Prime Minister. I will fight them and I will defeat them Rahul Gandhi exuded confidence. The campaigning is coming to an end at Karnataka and people like Modi-Yogi and Rahul are travelling the length and breadth of the state.

The stakes are very high and it could be anybody’s game. The JDS is posed to be the Kingmaker. The BJP is almost trying to embrace Deve Gowda, but he is not coming closer to BJP. He is demanding for the post of Chief Minister expecting a good number of seats.

Will fight BJP-No BJP Mukth Bharat

It may be noted that the Prime Minister and many of the Union Minister keep talking about the Congress Mukht Bharat. The Gujarat election has given a severe jolt apart from losing the Gorakhpur seat in the recent elections. If BJP loses Karnataka then the tide will turn for the Congress in the next elections. KCR the Telangana CM is trying to stitch an alternative front against the Congress and BJP.

But the reality is that people are ready to go against the BJP, but they want the Congress to sail with them. Karnataka election is on 12th and the results will be on 15nth. This election will pave way for the future politics in the country.



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