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Will cut the nails says CM

Tripura CM Biplab Kumar said that no one should touch his government. The people are the Government he said. Biplab said that no one should touch the people. He gave the example of a lauki (vegetable) being pressed with nails and finally it becomes useless and fed to the animals. If you prick the people with nails like a vegetable then the nails will be cut he warned. People are the Government and you must not touch them the warned.

Biplab was summoned by the Pm Modi and party chief Amit Shah as he was making controversial statements day in and day out. He commented that Aishwarya was beautiful and that Diana was not beautiful. He opined that Mechanical engineers were not useful and that Civil engineers were useful to the society.

Will cut the nails says CM

He also informed that Satellite communication was there during the period of Mahabharata. This way he has been making statements left and right. He was forced apologise to Diana.

Now one has to see how is going to face the Prime Minister and BJP party chief. It is not even two months that Biplab has taken over as the Chief Minister. Now he says he will cut the nails if someone pricks his Government.



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