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KCR to create a storm from Hyderabad

Why should you have health -education- agriculture and rural development with the centre KCR questioned? Why should the centre have restriction over the states he questioned? Why PM should come to the village for laying a road he asked. Why should NAREGA workers get paid from the centre he pointed out.

Kashmir is being attacked by Pakistan and you don’t do anything he chided at the centre. FDI will not come to the country he said.

Secunderabad railway station is like the Toilet he condemned. No proper port or Airport. We cannot land on time he ridiculed. These parties are useless and they don’t deserve to continue he opined. It is shameful he opined. The life expectancy must go up and they don’t allow the Nation to prosper he explained. We are not using inland waterways in a proper manner he pointed out.

Asharam Bapu, Nirav Modi are the people in BJP and Chandraswami in Congress he ridiculed. I can strategise for the front he said. DMK people have come and we will meet Stalin soon he said. Akhilesh is coming to Hyderabad he said.

Like Telangana, I will make the federal front and bring in the required change he stated. The GDP must grow and I have the responsibility he said.

The schemes will change but the scams will come again if the Congress comes back he said. Rahul and Amit Shah must answer the questions he said. But I will be in Hyderabad and create the storm he said. I will not go to Delhi he said. We have got everything to move forward he stated. He ended by saying Jai Telangana and Jai Bharat. Desh Ki netha KCR. KCR age Bado were the slogans shouted by the people. Grand public meet in October-November.



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