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Will Balaiah keep quite?

There are insider reports from the TDP, that Chandrababu has decided to field his son Nara Lokesh from Hindupur and advised Balaiah to stay away from Andhra and look after Telangana. Balaiah who is busy with NTR movie has said no to the proposal of Chandrababu as the TDP is in ICU in Telangana.

Will Balaiah keep himself from Politics and TDP is the big question? Or will he say history repeats and do what Chandrababu has done earlier to senior NTR?

No one has confirmed this story, but Balaiah is miffed with Chandrababu and may take any decision after the release of NTR movie. Junior NTR is already away from the TDP and his close friends are with the YSRC. If Balaiah calls Junior will join him for the sake of politics and party.

Will Balaiah keep quite?

Purandareshwari the daughter of NTR is also miffed with Chandrababu and she is not that active in politics these days. She is seen here and there in some BJP meetings. If Balaiah calls she will also join him. All in the name of keeping TDP safe and floating in the Telugu states. But what will Babu do by keeping Balaiah away from AP has to be thought of properly.

The NTR movies response will make all the difference to Balaiah and he might feel he is the real inheritor of the TDP in the near future. He may call for the unity of saving the TDP and on his own if Hindupur is not given to him. He will not be interested in Telangana at all as his base is Nimmakuru and Vijayawada.

It has to be seen how things will shape up in the next 6 months to come. If the corruption charges mount on Babu and his son, then Balaiah may think of himself and the party.



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