Whats wrong with Mamatha didi

Whats wrong with Mamatha didi is the big question? Being a lady she could not tolerate with another lady who was the DGP for Karnataka. With the overaction of Mamatha the DGP was transferred. The lady who says she lives a simple life, could not walk a few meters and complained to the Gowdas about the DGP.

Now she pushed the Governor aside in front of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She almost pushed the Governor aside. The Governor looked at Mamatha and also Modi the Prime Minister. The Modi was seen waving to the Governor saying its alright.

Whats wrong with Mamatha didi

Then the governor had no other option but to keep quiet. A CM cannot behave with a Governor like that. That too in front of a Prime Minister.

Its time that she behaves properly and in a dignified manner like the Chief Minister is supposed to do. Some say that didi is behaving in an arrogant manner.

This issue occurred when Modi was at the airport in Bangladesh. The Governor and CM were there to welcome the PM. First, the PM signalled to Mamatha she was stepping on the marking meant for a chopper, but she did not bother about the warning of the PM. During a photo session at the airport, she pushed the governor aside to the other side of the PM. Modi just waved to the Governor to keep quiet.

The video pertaining to the issue at the airport between Mamatha- Governor and Modi is viral on the web. One can see Mamatha pushing the governor aside and Modi asking the Governor to ignore Mamatha.



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