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What to take in summer

Amla or usiri in Telugu is one of the healthiest and popular fruit with a lot of nutritional benefits. It is stated that this works as a coolant in summer and also it works against diabetes and sugar in the body apart from providing good digestion.

Ghee is the best way to keep the body greased. This will ensure that your body will not go dry in the summers. Ghee is called as the sweet food as it aids in digestion and gives you enough strength to keep moving.

What to take in summer

Ginger is one root which helps in keeping the stomach stable and helps the skin also to remain fresh. Ginger Tea or add ginger to other juices will reduce acidity also to some extent.

Green leafy vegetables with dall are equally important to keep you fit during the summers and also helps in reducing dehydration.

What to take in summer

Coconut water is like electoral to your body in the summer. This is the natural drink which keeps your body hydrated with the required salts and minerals. In extreme heats, this water is very useful and reduces dehydration. It regenerates.

Watermelon is the fruit which keeps your body cool and hydrated. Most of the fruits are good in summer, but watermelon is like giving glucose to the body directly. It is like a natural drip to your body.



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