What is this Nipah virus

The Nipah virus is creating havoc in Kerala and three died so far. The state has been put on alert. It is named as Nipah as it has originated from a place called Nipah. The fruit bats infection with the date palm sap resulted in Nipah as people consumed the infected sap. Earlier when Nipah infected people 50 of them died it is reported.

Earlier the Nipah was reported in West Bengal twice. The doctors and experts are looking at the Nipah and its effects on humans and animals.

What is this Nipah virus

1. Nipah virus originated from fruit bats, it has been found out.
2. The fatality is from 75 to 100 percent.
3. No proper medication has been found out so far.
4. An infected person will have fever, weakness and it affects the brain.
5. The disease is transmitted from an animal to a person.
6. It’s them transmitted from one human to the other.
7. This is deadly and is considered to be a viral disease.
8. The patient with Nipah fever should be isolated.



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